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MSISDN Support

Abstract. In this article, the support for MSISDN is described in detail. It allows sending emails to and receiving email from phone numbers.

Enabling MSISDN Support

MSISDN support is disabled by default. In order to enable this feature, you must define the capability msisdn. This is done by simply adding the word "msisdn" to the property "permissions" in /opt/openexchange/etc/


Server Settings

Default configuration

By default, cellular_telephone1 (551) and cellular_telephone2 (552) are used for the phone number lookup. This setting applies for both the sender and the recipient dialogs. It can by configured as follows:

io.ox/contacts/msisdn/columns=['551', '552']

Exemplary custom configuration

Adding another phone number is straight-forward. Just add it as follows, for example, telephone_other (553):

io.ox/contacts/msisdn/columns=['551', '552', '553']

See HTTP API for all relevant columns.

Setting default sender address

A phone number can also be configured as default sender address. This can be customized via the changeuser interface. Relevant setting is defaultsenderaddress:

./changeuser ... --defaultsenderaddress <stringvalue>