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OX App Suite installation script


When deploying a lot of Open-Xchange Server installations, either for testing or for production, manual configuration becomes annoying. At Open-Xchange we set up hundreds of installations a week - just for testing. This requires an automated process and universally usable deployment tools. While setting up a test system usually occurs unattended, setting up a productive system requires user interaction. To ease the installation process, even for single installation, we've released this quick installation script to the public.

Please be aware that this script will create a setup for testing purposes, it's not meant or fit to provide a production grade setup in terms of configuration or security.

Supported platforms

The script supports all Linux distributions Open-Xchange supports commercially.


The script is written in bash and does not require any tools installed on the target system. Is structured pretty simple and designed to be extensible for additional Linux distributions to support. Feel free to add support for any distribution you like and send patches.


The script is available through our Git repository. You might have to install a Git client on the target system. Note that each branch will contain a script which is compatible to the major and related minor versions specified by the branch name. In this case the scripts covers all 7.8.x versions.

$ git clone -b 7.8


After configuring, just run the script within bash, use -h to see a usage guide.

$ ./ -h