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OX Imageconverter Monitoring


The Open-Xchange JMX offers the ability to fetch runtime information of the Java virtual machine, and about the Open-Xchange Middleware (aka groupware backend) including Imageconverter.

For general information about the JMX interface see: OX_monitoring_interface

The usage of Jolokia to access monitoring data is described in the article Jolokia

Plugins are available for integration in the munin monitoring framework: OX_munin_scripts

OX Imageconverter

Monitoring data for Imageconverter can be obtained after installation of the package open-xchange-munin-scripts-jolokia. It uses Jolokia if available and configured.

Here is a list of sample data provided by

# /opt/open-xchange/sbin/showruntimestats --port 9995 -a