AppSuite:ISV Installing Release Candidates

Installing (unofficial) Release Candidate packages of AppSuite

Starting with the 7.6 release of AppSuite, Open-Xchange provides untested builds (Release candidates) to its ISVs and Partners. The target audience for the RC packages, are partners, who are implementing integrations of any type into the AppSuite platform. These packages are NOT tested and are for testing purposes only.

Those packages can be used, to test 3rd party integrations against the next OX release, without waiting to get officially released packages.

Key advantages of the availability of the RC packages at a glance:

  • Have a look at upcoming features earlier than in the past
  • Test integrations at package level against the next OX release
  • Having plenty of time to update integrations. For example, if next OX release has enhanced API´s
  • Provide valuable feedback from an integration standpoint to the ISV program at OX

Important Notice

Open-Xchange highly recommends to install the RC packages ONLY on servers, which are dedicated to integration testing. 
Open-Xchange does not provide any kind of support. Installing the RC packages might break your complete system and might result in data-loss. 
If you do not agree towards these limitations, do not request a license key and/or do not install the RC packages. 

To be able to download the packages as an ISV or Partner, you will need a dedicated license key, which must be registered with your existing LDB account. Else, you won´t have access to the download directories.

Please send a request for the RC license key to along with:

  • Your existing OX LDB account/username.


  • Already installed OX App Suite system. DO NOT USE THE "RC" license key for installation. You must use "--no-license" within the oxinstaller command!
  • License key for RC software download repositories registered with your LDB account
  • A working internet connection

Setting up the download repository

To install the RC packages, you have to update your corresponding repository files.

Open-Xchange pre-generates repository files for your convenience.

Fetch pre-generated repository file

In order to install the repository file, browse to the list of available RC repository files at:

Edit repository file

Once you downloaded the correct file for your Linux distribution, you must edit all URLs, to include the regular LDB account credentials, since the directories are password protected. .......

Update your test system

Now, you just need to update the package lists cache of your package management tool and execute the update commands like you do with regular Open-Xchange updates/patches


All kinds of feedback are welcome towards integrations and their corresponding APIs.

Please send your valuable feedback via eMail to: