AppSuite:Extension points for email

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API status: In Development

Extension points for e-mail

Abstract: This describes extension points for the e-mail module, allowing you to add functions.


The point for the "all" actions dropdown in the detail view of a selected mail. This place should be used for actions in context with all involved contacts. The baton is forwarded to the the single action functions.

baton contains: data - holds the mail object of the current selected contact

data.threadKey - data.threadPosition - data.threadSize - tracker


The point for actions related to the attachments of a mail.


The point for the detail view of a selected mail. The baton is forwarded. It is followed by points for each mail detail:

  • io.ox/mail/detail/contact-picture
  • io.ox/mail/detail/receiveddate
  • io.ox/mail/detail/fromlist
  • io.ox/mail/detail/thread-position
  • io.ox/mail/detail/flag
  • io.ox/mail/detail/subject
  • io.ox/mail/detail/tocopy
  • io.ox/mail/detail/attachments
  • io.ox/mail/detail/inline-links
  • io.ox/mail/detail/phishing-warning
  • io.ox/mail/detail/externalresources-warning
  • io.ox/mail/detail/content


The point for the notification handling. A extended mail object is forwarded.


The point to remove read mails in notification Area.


The point for mail import via drag & drop.


The Point for inserting actions like reply & delete.


The point for the mail settings detailpage.


This point is not longer supported.


The Point for inserting actions related to the whole thread like move & delete. The baton is forwarded.


The point for applying options to the vgrid related to the mail app.


  • specifies default sort field
  • in case threadview is enabled/used and default sort field is not set to 'thread' user has to select 'sort by -> chat' manually after each login/page refresh
  • alternatively you can use sever setting io.ox/mail//vgrid/sort=

option: by date

sort: 610

option: by from

sort: 'from-to'

option: by subject

sort: 607

option: by label

sort: 102

option: show threads (if threads are enabled), sort by date (if threads are disabled)

sort: 'thread' //threadview


The point for extending the vgrid toolbar in the mail app.


The point for inserting inline buttons on top of the mail write view.


The point for the action related to the send button. The baton is available.


The point for the action related to the save button. The baton is available.


The point for the action related to the discard button. The baton is available.