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This information is valid from 7.8.2

Update Documentconverter from earlier versions to 7.8.2

For a successful update to 7.8.2 some manual adjustments are necessary on the middleware node(s) as well as on the documentconverter node(s) after the package upgrade. For a single node deployment both sections have to be adhered to.

Documentconverter Service

Changes to the configuration file need to be applied to the new one. For versions up to (including) 7.8.1 it was located at


Starting with 7.8.2 it's new home is


Note: If the file is moved from the old to the new location with all items the path settings in 'com.openexchange.documentconverter.blacklistFile' and 'com.openexchange.documentconverter.whitelistFile' have to be changed.

Futhermore logging needs to be configured separately from the middleware setting. A logback.xml file dedicated to the document converter process can be found at


And don't forget to enable / (re)start the documentconverter service in addition to the OX App Suite middleware.

For configuration of apache and munin monitoring see the Installation Guide.

Middleware (aka Backend or Documentconverter Client)

The property pointing to the documentconverter service has to be adjusted. It is now mandatory to set this entry – not only in the remote documentconverter setup but also if the documentconverter runs locally. The property used changed from



/opt/open-xchange/etc/documentconverter-client.props: com.openexchange.documentconverter.client.remoteDocumentConverterUrl=

For a single-node deployment this reads (in one line)


Note: If the logging configuration has been changed for documentconverter entries the logger needs a small change. The new class is name="com.openexchange.documentconverter"