AppSuite:Debugging the UI

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Debugging the UI

Synopsis: A collection of hints to debug during UI development

What capabilities are available?


Which files failed to load?


Check settings

// check core settings
// check mail settings

Clear all persistent caches

Please mind that this does not clear the regular browser cache! It clears localStorage, IndexedDB, and WebSQL.


Debug relogin


Enable/disable capability via URL hash

Just add the parameter "cap" to URL hash. A leading minus disables a capability. Multiple capabilities separated by comma. Example:


Disable source caching via URL hash

Add the parameter "debug-js=true" to URL hash. Example:


Debug a specific folder

If you want to get details of a specific folder, just inspect it via dev tools and look for data-obj-id="...". Copy the id and run the following in console:

void require('io.ox/core/api/folder').get({ folder: 'default0/INBOX' }).always(_.inspect);

Does not load, fails with error: Could not read...

"Could not read 'io.ox/core/http.js'" 
"Could not read 'io.ox/core/events.js'" 

That's not all, the system is probably hiding even more errors. It is more probable that the whole UI cannot be found. Check the com.openexchange.apps.path, usually hidden in Does it point to where your webserver serves the files from? The default is /var/www/appsuite, on OSX is is more likely to be /Libraries/WebServer/Documents/appsuite