AppSuite:Debugging the UI

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Debugging the UI

Synopsis: A collection of hints to debug during UI development

What capabilities are available?


Which files failed to load?


Check settings

// check core settings
// check mail settings

Clear all persistent caches

Please mind that this does not clear the regular browser cache! It clears localStorage, IndexedDB, and WebSQL.


Debug relogin


Enable/disable capability via URL hash

Just add the parameter "cap" to URL hash. A leading minus disables a capability. Multiple capabilities separated by comma. Example:


Disable source caching via URL hash

Add the parameter "debug-js=true" to URL hash. Example:


Debug a specific folder

If you want to get details of a specific folder, just inspect it via dev tools and look for data-obj-id="...". Copy the id and run the following in console:

void require('io.ox/core/api/folder').get({ folder: 'default0/INBOX' }).always(_.inspect);