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= activation/deactivation =
The onboarding wizard can be activated simply by enabling the followning capability:
With this feature enabled the following ui changes are applied.
First of all the wizard itself is available and can be started.
This can be done via a textlink in the topbar dropwon (burger menu) and also via a link in the new premium bar (in case it's activated).
Further more a portal widget is available.
= components =
== wizard ==
=== 1. step: seleect platform ===
per default: windows, android, apple
=== 2. step: select device ===
per default: pc, android smartphone, android tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac
=== 3. step: select scenario and action ===
Please take a look at the related middleware yaml config files and documentaion for more details.
'''extension points'''
For customization of the different actions (e.g. config via email or app download) please use the following exension point that mapps
actions and corresponding views.
=== upsell settings ===
Please refer to the upsell documentation for more details.
io.ox/core//features/upsell/client.onboarding/enabled <br>
io.ox/core//features/upsell/client.onboarding/color <br>
=== metrics ===
With the metrics feature enabled the following user actions are trackend:
The user selects an option
<code>core/client-onboarding/platform/select </code><br>
<code>core/client-onboarding/device/select </code><br>
<code>core/client-onboarding/scenario/select </code><br>
The user executes a action
<code>action core/client-onboarding/action/execute</code>
''toggle between simple and expert mode''
== widget ==
'''extension points'''
''simply enables the widget''
''The main extension defining the widgets content''
''Defines that this widget is unique and can be added only once''
<code>io.ox/portal/widget/client-onboarding/settings </code>
== deprecated parts ==
The wizard replaces and extends the functionality of the old Download Section in settings and the correspoinding widgets. We recommend to disable these outdated parts.
* widget: get ox drive
* widget: update
* settings entry: downloads
=== remove settings section 'Downloads' ===
Edit the property file and change the value to `<code>true</code>:
=== remove widgets ===
To remove the both related portal widget/tiles please refer to:<br> [https://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=AppSuite:Configuring_portal_plugins#Disabling_a_tile_completely oxpedia &gt; configuring portal plugins &gt; Disabling''a''tile_completely]
* io.ox/portal/widget/oxdriveclients
* io.ox/portal/widget/updater
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