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Browser detection outside AppSuite

This warning is not shown to a user if you use the form-login

AppSuite detects the client browser and collects some information about the current device the visitor is using. This information is used to serve the appropriate UI and enable/disable certain features for the visitor's device.

The browser detection is done by a standalone, dependency free lib that can be included via script-tag to other sites. The original AppSuite login page performs this browser detection. But if you use a form-login and jump directly into AppSuite, the user will miss the warning where AppSuite statesthat an unsupported browser is used.

To show the same warning to a user without using the original AppSuite login page, you should include the browser detection lib in your own login page. That way you can show a warning to the user if they do not use a supported browser.

Including the browser.js lib

You can easily include the browser detection via script-tag in your own login page. It's a small, dependency free piece of Javascript code which adds a function to the global scope called


The lib is located in the AppSuite UI under Add this script tag to your page head

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"></script>

In your page onLoad you can then call the global function isBrowserSupported which returns a boolean. If false is returned by the function you should show a warning to the user that his browser is not supported.