Open-Xchange Theming and Branding Capabilities

The Open-Xchange web interface is fully customizable. Service providers have the ability to offer multiple themes/skins and brands to their customers based upon Open-Xchange installation. Partners can insert their company/brand logo, adapt their color scheme look & feel and adapt all icons to represent their corporate brand. Open-Xchange provides different branding options with the following service offerings:

Basic Theming/Branding

Adapt logo, color schemes and borders based on providers‘ specifications

Advanced Theming/Branding

Adapt logo, color schemes, borders and icons based on providers‘ specifications

Full Theming/Branding

Complete branding including icon and color design based on providers‘ corporate brand

OXtender for Microsoft Outlook Branding

Complete branding including Product Name, Descriptions, Images, Server-URL and Helplink. Open-Xchange provides the complete final OXtender.


Basic Advanced Full Service
Browser based user interface Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Provider Logo Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif
Colors/CSS Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif (by Open-Xchange agency)
Borders Cross.gif Check.gif Check.gif (by Open-Xchange agency)
Icons Check.gif (by Open-Xchange agency)
Initial (per skin) 2.500 € / 3,750 $ 4.000 € / 6,000 $ By request
Maintenance per Year 1.000 € / 1,500 $ 1.500 € / 2,250 $ By request
OXtender for Microsoft Outlook
Branding, Product Name Check.gif Cross.gif Cross.gif
Initial (incl. Maintenance) 1.500,00 €

Service provider responsible for delivering:

  • Basic/Advanced: logo, color definitions, icons
  • Full Service: Corporate identity definitions. Open-Xchange agency will deliver detailed design proposal that includes icons.