Outlook OXtender2 Best Practice

Outlook OXtender 2 Best Practices
Troubleshooting and General Information


Follow the instructions as described in the OX6-OXtender2-for-Microsoft-Outlook-English.pdf to install the OXtender 2 for Microsoft® Outlook®.

Please note that the following is not supported:

  • Office 2010 Home and Business test version
  • MS Outlook running in a virtual environment (e.g. VMware or Parallels Desktop)
  • Using both OL2007 and OL2013
  • Using both OL2010 and OL2013

While installing the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook, you are asked whether the server or client wins.
It is recommended to give priority to the server as otherwise data might get lost.

During the installation, single plug-ins might be deactivated. Those plug-ins are:
In order to use this plug-in, manually add it after the installation process.

When having set up a profile and initially starting the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook, you need to be connected to the internet.

OXtender 2 for MS Outlook plug-ins

In order to activate the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook plug-ins, some preconditions have to be met:

Setting Permissions

For every user the following permissions must be granted in order to be able to use Connector 2 for Microsoft Outlook:

  • --access-usm on
  • --access-olox20 on

Mail Push

In order to recieve mail, you have to install a mail push plugin on the Open-Xchange server side. See OX_EMail_Push_Introduction for some more insights. We recommed to install the MailPushIMAPIDLE_Bundle.

Password change plug-in

  • --access-edit-password <on/off> has to be activated for the respective users
  • the open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet package has to be installed
  • an open-xchange-passwordchange backend suitable for the installation, has to be installed

Personal data plug-in

  • ENABLE_INTERNAL_USER_EDIT=TRUE has to be configured in foldercache.properties

Mail filter plug-in

  • The open-xchange-mailfilter package has to be installed

Vacation notice plug-in

  • com.openexchange.mail.filter and the mailfilter configuration must contain the vacation command
  • The open-xchange-mailfilter package has to be installed

OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook - First Start

Prior to initially synchronizing the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook you have to create a new profile.

Possible problems while initially starting the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook:

  • Wrong credentials (pop-up with credential error)
  • Server not reachable
  • Connection problem
  • Server problem (check server logs)

Server reachable / Connection problem?

If you get an error message, saying the connection to the server failed.. check the server ip.

OXtender debugging steps when connection to server fails on one workstation

  • Remove/uninstall OXtender
  • Deactivate all third-party Outlook plug-ins
  • Create a new Windows user with admin permissions
  • Configure Outlook to only access E-Mails
  • If accessing E-Mails works, install the OXtender
  • Try to sync groupware data with the new user
  • Repeat the steps on a second Windows workstation with a new user


If there are errors during the synchronization the synchronization process stops and you get an error message with a detailed description.
The synchronization process proceeds as soon as you fixed the error.
Otherwise the synchronization stops.

Typical errors are:

  • Data fields are too long
  • Appointment conflict

When synchronizing there are 50 objects retrieved per each folder. When each folder has been processed, the synchronization proceeds with the first folder again.

Offline/online synchronization: Any changes that are made using Microsoft Outlook offline will be automatically synchronized the next time you go online.

In order to synchronize multiple inboxes it is recommended to use the unified inbox of the Open-Xchange Server and to use the server for the synchronization.
Information about the unified inbox can be found in the User Guide or the online help of the Open-Xchange Server.

The folder types Notes and Journal are not natively supported by Open-Xchange Server.

While working with Microsoft Outlook

No OXtender for Microsoft Outlook pop-up while starting / MS Outlook and GUI are asynchronous

Possible problems:

  • OXtender for MS Outlook not installed
  • OXtender for MS Outlook in off-line mode
  • OXtender for MS Outlook deactivated
  • MS Outlook updated

Log files - Reproduce Error

  • Stop Outlook.
  • Activate debug mode
  • Start Outlook
  • Reproduce the error

Send log files:

Extras” – “ OXtender for Microsoft Outlook X.X” – “About” – ”Debug/Feedback”

You can either send single log files or all log files as zipped up tar file by first saving them to your disk from within the Debug window or open the Feedback tab and start an E-Mail message attaching the system messages directly from within the window.


Follow the instruction as described in Updater-Overview-English vX.X.pdf for installing the updater.

Please also read: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Updater#Configuration

Language support

For a smooth use of the OXtender 2 in your language, a Windows system and Outlook in the respective language is required.
OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook messages are displayed in the Outlook language set by the user.

Please note: When selecting another language, Outlook needs to be re-started for the change to take effect.

To correctly display special characters, UTF-8 has to be set up as E-Mail format.

RTF messages handling

rtf formattings in Outlook are deleted as soon as the respective object is changed and saved on the Open-Xchange Server

Issues and Fixes

Sometimes it's necessary to create a new profile and re-install the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook in order to successfully run it.

Change Apache configuration

The AJP timeout should be changed to 100 seconds:


ProxySet stickysession=JSESSIONID timeout=100

Delegating task fails

Behavior corresponds to MS Exchange. The task is only delegated when clicking on Send.

Avoiding huge log files

  1. Open the OXtender2 -> Options window
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Set the log level to 1

Checking the status of other participants of an appointment not possible

Behavior corresponds to Exchange. Might be changed with a future release.

Private appointments are not displayed at all in shared calendars in Outlook

Currently appointments marked as private are only visible in the OX6 user interface, not in Outlook.

OX does not support ical uids for tasks

This means that the invitation request in Outlook is broken and can produce duplicates. Might be changed with a future release.

"Bad Syncid" or "Bad uuid" errors

For "Bad Syncid" or "Bad uuid" errors a complete history is needed in order to understand the error source. In such a case do the following:

  1. Go to OXtender2 -> Options -> Advanced and activate Append to logfile
  2. Set up a new profile
  3. Reproduce the error
  4. Send the complete log file

Deleting profile keeps old data for new profile with same credentials

Please add either a log file level 4 in Append to logfile mode or the steps to reproduce.

Please make sure to delete all profiles which refer to the pair host+user.

If you had manually deleted cache data it is possible that you have corrupted the cache database. In this case do the following steps to be sure to have a clean start:

  1. Delete all profiles which use OXtender 2.
  2. Log out / Log in to windows to be sure every process which might still be using the profiles ends.
  3. Delete all data in the cache directory.

Contact image is not displayed in E-Mail

The OX folder "/Public/Global Addressbook" must be configured to be shown in the Outlook address book. You can adjust this in the folder properties within Outlook.