Open-Xchange Notifier


OX Notifier informs the user about the current status of E-Mails and appointments without having to display the user interface or another client like Outlook. The new tool also provides the possibility to mount the personal InfoStore directly in the OX Notifier settings.

Whenever a user gets a new E-Mail or appointment, a notification window pops up and informs the user about new items.

The snooze button allows the user to ignore an appointment pop-up. If an appointment reminder has been ignored with the snooze button, the reminder will be shown again though after a refresh or the next server query, in case the appointment has started already.

It is possible to make several settings like entering server URLs, selecting reminder-times, selecting the modules to be informed about, etc. The OX Notifier will be installed on the client desktop via a .exe package. The tool connects to the OX server entered.


OX Notifier is part of the offering for Open-Xchange Server Edition, Open-Xchange Hosting Edition and OX App Suite.


You will finde the client requirements under OX Notifier

Download & Release Notes

To download the Software Package and Release Notes, follow this:

After the download of the package, you can start the installation by double-clicking on the package. Please follow the installation steps in the wizard. The installation does not require administrative rights.

Installation of OX Notifiier

Welcome screen.png

1. Welcome to OX Notifier Setup Wizard

  • First, start the installation with the button Next
License agreement.png

2. End-User License Agreement

  • Please read the license agreement carefully
  • Accept the terms in the License Agreement with the checkbox
  • It is possible to print the mentioned license agreement.
Install path.png

3. Destination Folder

  • Accept or change the provided install path on your desktop.
Start installation.png

4. Ready to install

  • Start installation

5. Installation

  • Please wait while the Setup Wizard installs the OX Notifier
Finish installation.png

6. Completed the OX Notifier Setup Wizard

  • Click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard

Configuration OX Notifier

Setup login data.png

1. Login data

  • First, please enter your Server URL, User name and Password
  • Please test the connection between OX Notifier and Open-Xchange Server
  • Save the new credentials
Setup options.png

2. Options

  • Here you can change the query interval to the Open-Xchange Server. If changing the option the new setting will be active after the next server query (i.e. after the former interval)
  • It is also possible to change the notification window timeout
  • If you deactivate the checkbox "Check all calendars", only your private Open-Xchange calendar will be checked
Setup infostore.png

3. Adjust some registry values

  • To use the InfoStore synchronization functionality, some registry values have to be adjusted
  • This will be done automatically.
Setup infostore settings.png

4. InfoStore

  • First, please enter your Server URL, User name and Password
  • Please test the connection between OX Notifier and Open-Xchange Server
  • Save the new credentials

Known Issues & Limitations

  • The Show / Hide functionality displays all items of the current session. A refresh does not update the items list.
  • If the configuration option “Remind only of appointments with alarm" is activated, only appointments with the alarm time set appear.
  • Installing the OX Notifier requires the latest version of .Net Framework 3.5 SP1. This is activated by default.
  • The Infostore / WebDAV-Config functionality is only supported for Windows 7
  • It will be supported only one UIWebPath (redirect) to Open-Xchange Server 6 and OX App Suite per one backend installation. This is a global setting