Open-Xchange Appliance Edition VMware© Image

VMware environment with 9GB free hard disk space and one of the following products

  • ACE 2.0
  • ACE 2.5
  • ESX Server 3.x
  • Fusion 1.1
  • Fusion 2.0
  • Server 1.x
  • Server 2.0
  • Workstation 5.x
  • Workstation 6.0
  • Workstation 6.5
  • Workstation 7.0
  • Player


The installation comprises both OXAE and a linux operating system from one DVD.

Follow this link to download the OXAE VMware Installation package. (The LDB credentials have to be provided)

Follow this link to download the User Manuals in different languages.

To get an evaluation key for OX AE, please register here.

Preparation of the OXAE VMware Image

The image is supplied as zip archive. On Windows, you can unpack this archive easily with Windows Explorer or 'winzip'. Usually, a folder has to be created to hold the files.

On Linux you have to create a folder and unpack the archive with unzip in this folder.

After that, please open the vmx file with your VMware product and start it. When asked if the image has been 'copied' or 'moved', please answer 'copied'.


Installation of the VMware Image

The preconfigured IP address of the appliance is Before powering the appliance, you have to ensure that this IP address is not already used in your network. On first start up, basic system settings have to be configured ("initial configuration"). This step cannot be skipped. Please make sure that the following information is available before first start up.

1. Keyboard layout

Please note, that the chosen keyboard layout cannot be changed until the inital configuration finished.


2. Timezone

Time zone.png

3. System language

Here, you can select the languages needed.

System lang.png

4. Default system language

The default system language is chosen here.

Default system lang.png

5. System settings

Settings vorher.png

Note, that the LDAP base is not automatically generated. You have to form this string as shown below.

Usually, the Windows domain is equal to the primary mail domain. It can be entered in lower case, but will be changed to upper case, when changing to the next entry field with TAB.

The default password "secretoxae" should be changed right here.

Settings danach.png

6. Network settings

To change the IP address please press F3. Please enter the network mask of your network. Broadcast and network address will be automatically entered.

Eth0 danach.png

Please enter gateway and nameserver after that.

Network danach.png

7. In a final step, the certificate form has to be filled out

Certificate danach.png

After confirmation, it can take some minutes until the appliance starts. Please under no circumstances switch off the appliance at this point.

Reset to delivery state

The VMware-Image is deliverd with one snapshot. If your VMware version supports snapshots, you can go to the snapshot called 'delivery state'. Please note that going to this snapshot will delete all existent data of your OXAE VMware appliance. In case you are unsure, create an own snapshot before going to snapshot 'delivery state'.