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How to configure the Oxtender .msi file for silent installation

With the tool msiexec.exe which you can find in the windows\system32 folder you can perform a silent installtion of the OXtender for Microsoft Outlook. For an overview of all options you can start msiexec and a description of all parameters will appear.

Following properties must be set:

OXtender properties
Property name Description
OXURL URL of the OX server
EPOX 0 = no proxy for OX server / 1 = proxy for OX server
PROXYURL URL of the proxy server
PNAOX 0 = proxy needs no authentication / 1 = proxy needs authentication
UPDATESERVER URL of the update server
AUTOUPD 0 = no automatic updates / 1 = automatic updates
UPDEP 0 = no proxy for update server / 1 = proxy for update server
UPDPROXYURL URL of the proxy server for update server
UPDPNA 0 = proxy needs no authentication / 1 = proxy needs authentication
INSTALLDIR Destination directory for the OXtender

For example: msiexec /qb /i OXtender_for_Microsoft_Outlook_German.msi OXURL= EPOX=0 PROXYURL="" PNAOX=0 UPDATESERVER="" AUTOUPD=0 UPDEP=0 UPDPROXYURL="" UPDPNA=0 INSTALLDIR=c:\programme\oxtender