FAQ for Outlook Oxtender

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OX FAQ - Oxtender for Microsoft Outlook

Q: When does the Oxtender reload data within Outlook?
A: It has a builin poll intervall of 30 seconds. You can also trigger a reload if you switch folders. For example if you switch from Calendar folder A to Calendar folder B.

Q: Where can i deactivate the Outlook Oxtender for Microsoft Outlook?
A: The Oxtender can be activated/deactivated in the "Add-In Manager" within Microsoft Outlook.

Q: Which data modes does the Oxtender support?
A: The Oxtender supports PUSH or POLL mode. This depends on the OX Server configuration, if you activated the UDP Push settings, then Oxtender will work in Push mode. This means that the server sends an event to the Oxtender client when something is new/changed/deleted on the server.