FAQ for Outlook Oxtender

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OX FAQ - Oxtender for Microsoft Outlook

Q: When does the Oxtender reload data within Outlook?
A: It has a builin poll intervall of 30 seconds. You can also trigger a reload if you switch folders. For example if you switch from Calendar folder A to Calendar folder B.

Q: Where can i deactivate the Outlook Oxtender for Microsoft Outlook?
A: The Oxtender can be activated/deactivated in the "Add-In Manager" within Microsoft Outlook.

Q: Which data modes does the Oxtender support?
A: The Oxtender supports PUSH or POLL mode. This depends on the OX Server configuration, if you activated the UDP Push settings, then Oxtender will work in Push mode. This means that the server sends an event to the Oxtender client when something is new/changed/deleted on the server.

Q: Where can i see/review Oxtender errors or log entries?
A: The notifier in the system tray normally contains error messages and details when something is wrong. Also if Microsoft Outlook has problems with other programms like anti virus mail solutions, this errors will be shown in the error notifier.

Q: I have strange letters and invalid data in my PST file, what happened?
A: With the Version change from Mircosoft Outlook 2000 to 2003, the internal format in the PST files was changed to UNICODE. This might be the reason for your broken data.

Q: Is it mandatory to use an NTP client application to avoid syncing problems?
A: No, only the OX Server must run with NTP to ensure the correct time. The Oxtender will always use the server time for calculating.

Q: My free/busy view does not work properly, what can cause this error?
A: The free/busy view uses the internal connection handling of IE/Outlook. This means, if you run your OX Server with https and a self signed certificate or an untrusted certification authority signed this, you have to manually import the certificate to the trusted certs via Internet Explorer. Just open the https URL with IE and import the untrusted cert.

Q: The Oxtender does not sync any more, i dont see any new item in Mircosoft Outlook
A: This can have more than 1 reason: Is your network connection to the server still open/alive? Did you see the Oxtender Splash Screen when you started Microsoft Outlook? Did you already try to switch a folder to trigger a reload? Is the Oxtender deactivated in the "Add-In Manager" ?