Connector for Microsoft Outlook


The Open-Xchange Connector for Microsoft Outlook® lets users keep their familiar Outlook client when their organization moves to Open-Xchange Server. Users feel right at home working with their Outlook interface while in the background the Connector synchronizes E-Mails, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, along with Public, Shared and System Folders. Real-time synchronization enables fast response times, so teams can work as efficiently as possible.

The Connector for Microsoft Outlook uses the newly introduced Open-Xchange Universal Synchronization Machine (USM), which saves the client state and manages the data stream between Microsoft Outlook and Open-Xchange connector. USM only processes the data changes, filters them to ensure fast access and holds them temporarily in cache. The connector software used JSON protocol. Within Outlook MAPI is used, of course, to handle the data. USM is sending information on availability of new objects to Outlook using a sophisticated push notification architecture.


You will finde the client requirements under Connector for Microsoft Outlook Requirements


To download the documentation follow this: Download documentation for Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Known Issues

  • After the start of the new OLOX 2 profile, contacts, appointments and tasks will be synchronized
  • Per default server configuration, mails older than one year won't be synchronized
  • Notice and Journal information won't be synchronized. It is possible to export and import the information via the Outlook functionalities
  • It is not possible to use OLOX2 with a parallel operation environment of Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2013

Mail Push

In order to get mail push, either install and configure the package open-xchange-push-malpoll, which is not recommended on large deployments or if you're using cyrus-imap, read the OX_EMail_Push_Introduction instructions on how to set up real mail push with cyrus.

Limitations/differences to MS OL/EX

Feature Description
Server Side Search All items are synchronized to the client, no server search available
Resource Booking Agent Resources can't be overbooked, Open-Xchange server throws an exception in case of overbooking
Message Tracking This feature depends highly on the mailserver capabilities
Delay or schedule sending messages This feature is not available and does not work
Custom fields Currently Open-Xchange only stores standard attributes. The support of all fields is on the roadmap
Client side filter rules Must be triggered manually to be be affective
Plain Text Mail Will be sent as HTML
Private, Public and Shared Not separated in terms of store and synced completely
Time based sync Sync timeframe is: -2 year / + 2 years from today
Mail categories/colors Colors are different from OL to the web frontend
Private appointments/tasks Private appointments in OX must not have more than one participant (on the roadmap to be streamlined)