Additional language

How to add an additional language

It is possible to add additional languages to the OXtender/Notifier that are not supported by Open-Xchange.

That's how it works:

  • Request the .pot file from Open-Xchange
  • Translate the file into the wanted language
  • Compile the file into a .mo file
  • Copy the file into the folder: \OXtender installation directory\locale\gg\LC_MESSAGES\

Some more details

.po files

.po files consist of a msgid and a msgstr and are human-readable. The msgid contains the English source and must not be modified. The msgstr contains the translation of the msgid entry. Best use KBabel under Linux or poEdit under Windows for translating the file.

.mo files

.mo files are the machine-readable version of the .po file. Use msgfmt to convert the .po file or use poEdit/KBabel. Normally, the .mo files are created automatically.


If there are updates you will get the .pot file with the English strings. To use your already existing translation use msgmerge -o new.po old.po new.pot. Or merge with another tool, like poEdit.

The OXtender path

\OXtender installation directory\locale\gg\LC_MESSAGES\
  • OXtender installation directory = the directory where the OXtender is installed in
  • locale = please note the lower case letters
  • gg = language in the follwoing notation: es, nl, fr, de, en etc.
  • LC_MESSAGES = please note the upper case letters